Preparing to be a primal princess!

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Too much

Dark chocolate.

Knocked me out of ketosis it did.


Though, working in a lab, it’s a little handy to be able to check my stats whenever I feel the urge to pee in a cup. Or have someone stab me in my little veins (big, actually. I have giant, huge, juicy pipelines roaring through my veins. Phlebs love me. RNs often massage my veins out of sheer joy.)

Less chocolate, nuts and dried fruit tomorrow. More veggies, lean meats and tasty tasty protein. I love protein. I’m standing here at work, fantasizing about a bowl of guaca-beef (ground grass fed beef + homemade guacamole = AMAZING).

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A day early

And still full of too many figs.

Clearly, I cannot be trusted with figs (or prunes). At least with figs I have the excuse of being concerned that they will spoil. What are my prunes going to do? Get more pruney?

Aside from figs and dark chocolate, I’m doing pretty well on eating lower carb. I’m on day 17 from a planned lifetime. I was going to do 30 and then the Primal 30 day challenge started exactly 7 days after I did - and I was like, well, I’ll just do an extra 7 days.

And then I started realizing how much better I am feeling just from reducing carbs and grains and legumes. It is really quite ridiculous.

Best thing? Not the energy, not the satiation (without stuffing!), not the fact that my skin seems to be clearing up (even just a little bit). No, the best thing is the pooping. Yeah. Pooping.

I used to be a 3+ times a day kind of gal. Always unformed and always VERY urgent.

I’m now sitting on maybe once a day and nice and formed. I haven’t had the trots while running/working out since two days after I started. I don’t constantly feel like I need to go RIGHT NOW. The other day, I actually though, “hey, I kind of need to go but I’m a little busy right this second” AND I WAITED. Holy crap (literally!).

TMI? Yeah, I so don’t care. I feel like I’ve been unchained from the toilet that I didn’t even know I was chained to!

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Cross fit WOD

I’ve been doing crossfit bootcamp - literally, they train you how to proper do the lifts before you start doing the WOD. Today was day 6 of 12 for bootcamp. Since they were a trainer short, I did the normal WOD with the rest of the cross fitters.

We did 3 reps for time:

1 bear complex (105/75)
21 pullups

I did not do Rx - given that it’s my 6th go and that the bear complex is a little bit more technically challenging than I wanted it to be - I’m okay with that.

I was 10:30 - 40lbs and I did the first 30 pullups with the green band and the last 33 pulls up with the green band and the blue band together.

Then I walked home (1.3 miles for a total of 2.6 miles walked) and took my Little Dog for a 5k (sub 34 minutes). RAWR!

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What I have for dinner this week while I'm at work...

Certainly not fully paleo (cheese and bacon and honey) and not fully primal either (honey and bacon) - but it’s really really good and I don’t mind a little smidge of cheats. I need to find a better source of bacon though. And figure out how you calculate the carbs from a marinade that you pour off?

I also have roasted cauliflower and sauteed (in coconut oil) zucchini but those are no where near as sexy to look at.

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I’m now just starting shift 3/4 in a row. 1700 to 0530. Twelve hours is a long long long shift!

Today I got off work and went home and ran my first long run for my marathon training (PF Chang’s Rock’n’Roll Phoenix in January!). I did 6.3 miles in about 76 minutes - pace of 12:11. Slow. What was most interesting to me was that the first 3 miles or so were probably more like a 13:00 minute mile and the last three miles were an 11:00 minute mile or less. The difference?

Cytomax. (like Gatorade, only it doesn’t upset my tummy). 22g of carbs.

Clearly, I need to be pre-loading a little bit more by way of carbs about 30 minutes before my run. I know I’m still in ketosis (yay for working in a lab with access to urine dipsticks! I can even get a rough estimate of how much ketosis. AND I can even check my serum levels! It’s sometimes awesome to be a lab rat).

I did do a little bit of post-run carbing - 5 prunes which is 24g of carbs. And holy craptasm batman, I LOVE PRUNES. It may just be that I love dried fruit in general especially since I’m not eating much fresh fruit while in a fat loss phase of Primal. But wow! SO good. So, so good. Prunes (and maybe dates or figs) are likely to be high on my list of reward foods while I’m running.

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Possible the single best Paleo/Primal dish to have for any meal - the BEAT salad (bacon, egg, avocado and tomato)

Possible the single best Paleo/Primal dish to have for any meal - the BEAT salad (bacon, egg, avocado and tomato)